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Monday Meal Ideas: Warming winter family dinners

Here we are on a VERY bleak and wet Monday morning. I'm waiting for some daylight to survey the water damage outside it has been such heavy rain for over many, many hours. The weather calls for comfort cooking, for food when hungry kids get in the door late they can smell what's cooking and say "Oh … [Read a little more...]

An old school family weekend visit

We all know how rare it is at the moment to have family spend time together, so when I was speaking to my brother a week or so ago about trying to find a free weekend for a visit, I wasn't expecting it to happen any time soon. With three high school kids and sport and work and life, we rarely get to … [Read a little more...]

Rob’s Lamb Shanks

If you are a lover of the lamb shank but get a little weary of the same old slow cooked tomato based sauces then you might like this version that Rob created a few years ago. I think it was originally … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Adding some fish to our table

One thing that I know I should cook more of, is fish. Daisy is not a fan (which I can understand) but the rest of the family will happily sit down and enjoy some fish for dinner. I usually stick with … [Read a little more...]

The blog is now 14!

On Wednesday this week the blog ticked over to 14 years. I know, I can't believe I am still here either! Thousands of posts and comments, likes and shares, recipes referred back to, tree changes made, … [Read a little more...]

An ode to Anne…

Now if you have been following me for any amount of time (long or short) you will know the importance of ANNE in our lives. Anne is the name of the chocolate cake that has been famous in our family … [Read a little more...]

What I’m reading, watching, listening to

I'm sure those of you in lockdown in VIC are well and truly up to date on reading and watching shows and after having the school holidays here I have a few bits and pieces to share with you about what … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Comfort food for mid winter

Oh it is a dreary day here today. Pouring rain all night long with an east coast low sitting over the top of us and  constant rain beating against the windows. Always lovely for a day...a little too … [Read a little more...]

A Christmas in July 40th Dinner

We recently hosted a 40th birthday for our friend Nicki from Cottonwood & Co who more than likely wanted and had planned to be somewhere way more glamorous for her 40th (I think Italy was planned, … [Read a little more...]

Full and Thorough Reporting

Well hello YOU. How are you? It's early here and it's freezing outside, as you would expect on the 21st July. Can you believe it's the 21st July already? I already feel like the days are starting to … [Read a little more...]

Monday meal ideas: Mid week meals my family love

Good morning from a chilly Southern Highlands morning (feels like -2.5 out there and blowing a gale). We are back into the swing of things having done 2 weeks school holidays. Apologies for the lack … [Read a little more...]

On repeat this winter: roasted pumpkin

As soon as the travel restrictions were eased Rob hightailed it up to the farm to see his step mum and spend some time with her for the first time in months. He came home with an enormous pumpkin … [Read a little more...]

Good things that are also nice and lovely

How are you friends? Are you on holidays? Are you freaking out about covid waves and the state of the world? Are you tired and limping to the end of week 10 of term 2 like us? Whatever it is you are, … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal ideas: baking with lemons & apples

I noticed last week how much Lucy's lemon trees are groaning with fruit on them. It calls for one thing! BAKING. Today I am going to grab my basket and get baking this week. It's cold, Daisy has … [Read a little more...]